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May I ask who's calling?

- Emi Yusa

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Huh? Aren't there more people here than usual?
Apparently there's a local celebration called the Sasahata Tanabata Festival that begins today.
Now then.
We're here at Hatagaya,
but it seems that the MgRonald's is running short on customers at the worst possible time.
We can't have a proper lover's quarrel here.
The shop needs to be crowded, or things are really gonna go south if the mood takes a turn for the worse.
And if the guy ends up being in the right,
we'll be ruining things for him at work.
But look, here's a Sentucky right where we need it!
Let's have a strategic meeting there first.
You're totally enjoying this, aren't you?
First, tell me all about this "Maou" guy.
The more we know, the more clues we have to resolve this conflict.
He's a Dark Lord, and I'm a Hero.
There's nothing
but conflict between us.
But will this girl realize this is just Rika's misunderstanding?
I'll have an ice coffee. How about you two?
I'll have a maple biscuit set with an ice tea.
With milk, please.
Ice coffee, please.
My treat, okay?
That's it.
Would you like a coupon for our grand opening sale?
We'll now put our hearts into preparing your orders.
Our products will be overjoyed to have been bought by such beauties.
Here, your change.
All yours.
I have committed the gravest of sins: making a lady wait. Please accept my most sincere apologies.
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May I ask who's calling?

Emi Yusa
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