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Prepare your resolve.

- Olga Marie Animusphere

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Fumizuki Academy's Academic Training Camp: Day 2, Class A-
It's a joint camp between Class A and Class F.
Yuuji, I'm glad we can study together.
Shouko, that's not your seat!
Did we really come all the way here just to have study hall?
Aren't the teachers going to give us lectures?
Of course not.
We won't be able to understand a thing if they taught us Class A's materials.
That might be for you, but Class A and F's materials aren't really that much different to me.
Oh, that's pretty amazing.
I don't understand a thing either way.
That's a whole different kind of amazing.
The goal of this training camp is to motivate the students.
By studying in the same classroom,
it's hoped that Class F's students will be inspired by Class A's diligence.
Conversely, it'll help Class A's students continue to perform for fear of becoming like Class F.
I don't know about Class A, but I'm
pretty sure that won't work for Class F.
Oh, Rep, I didn't know you were here!
Maybe I'll study over here too.
Kudou Aiko!
Hello, hello.
I heard you guys tried to peep
into the girls' bath last night.
You could've just asked if you
wanted to see that badly.
If you'd like, I can show you my underwear.
Huh? What's wrong, Voyeur?
Your love for erotica is usually pretty obvious,
but you seem to be calm.
Even my heart is beating fast.
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Prepare your resolve.

Olga Marie Animusphere
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