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Don't kick the pear, huh?
I need to go
to Japan.
It was a year ago, on the day of the entrance ceremony.
I had just come to Japan and didn't understand Japanese very well.
Nice to meet you!
"My first impression will decide whether or not I'll fit into a Japanese school."
"I should make sure I don't do anything strange."
With those things in mind, I nervously awaited my turn to introduce myself.
Next is, Shimada Minami.
I'm Shimada Minami.
Nice to meet you.
What is it? Did I do something strange?
Ms. Shimada has been living abroad in Germany.
She's only just returned to Japan, so there are a lot of things she doesn't understand just yet.
Everyone, please help her out.
It's all right, Ms. Shimada.
You'll learn kanji little by little.
Nice to meet you.
They could've told me that I made a mistake.
It's mean to just laugh without saying anything.
My dad told me all Japanese people are nice, but this class is already starting to make me feel uneasy.
I'm Sakamoto Yuuji from Kannazuki Middle School.
That's the legendary demon of Kannazuki Middle School!
Shit, he's in our class!
Is this normal in Japan?
No, Dad said Japan is one of
the world's safest countries.
I'm sure I'm just getting the wrong impression.
I'm Kinoshita Hideyoshi.
I'm glad to meet you all.
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