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No way in hell he will
stand a chance against me!


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Geez! It's been three days already!
When're we gonna get home, dammit?!
Don't waste your energy talking, Xin.
It'll just tire you out.
We'll reach the village in another three days.
Let's think of it as training.
You'd normally go by horse-drawn carriage for bags this heavy and a distance this far!
Are us servants lower than horses?
I told you, think of it as training for when we break free from being servants.
I know.
I get it, but...
What's this sound?
An earth tremor?
No! It's coming from over there!
( Flag - Qin ) {Put these in when you see the flags up close. This one is 秦.}
( Flag - Zhao )
What was unfolding before their eyes
was the first real war the two boys had ever seen.
However, it was nothing more than skirmish between two neighboring feudal states near their borders.
But those two boys saw the future of their lives in it.
"This is the place we belong." They thought.
Piao! Is this a real war?!
Yeah! Xin, we'll become heroes in there!
Ancient China.
After learning that the era of saints had ended,
human desire was unleashed.
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