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Here, Captain! Grope me all over!

- Diane

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Emergency report!
An enemy attack from the left!
It's about 100 men!
They've already progressed to the second formation!
I see.
So that's what it is...?
Wang Qi,
your target is... my head?
Interesting. If you think you can get it, go ahead and try!
The setting is before the common era,
in the State of Qin during the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period.
The nameless boy Xin met with the young King Zheng,
distinguished himself in war, and finally become a Hundred-Man General.
Among those events, the neighboring State of Zhao suddenly invaded,
presenting an unprecedented crisis.
What kind of war will Supreme Commander Wang Qi wage?
And what kind of growth with Xin achieve?
Wang Qi's Flying Arrow
We can do it! We can do it!
If we keep this up, we can do it!
The method of a surprise attack where the enemy isn't prepared,
that was a tactic Mr. Yuan and I used tons of times in that stateless area!
We were only protecting 100 tribe members.
So honestly, that was the only trick we had.
But thanks to that, we learned the power of surprise attacks!
W-We got through.
B-But the real problem is what comes next.
Lu Yan
So far, we've attacked them while they were unprepared...
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Here, Captain! Grope me all over!

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