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What the heck? Semoponume?!

- Sena Kashiwazaki

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if you want her, take her with
your blade, your two blades.
If you can defeat me in combat,
you may take Asuna-kun.
But if you lose,
you will join the Knights
of the Blood Oath.
Very well.
If you'd rather settle this with
swords, that's fine with me.
Let's settle it with a duel.
October 20, 2024 Floor 75: Collinia
Not many good seats left!
Living Legend, Heathcliff VS Dual-wielding Demon, Kirito
Hurry, hurry!
You utter idiot...
Why would you say that?
Sorry. I'm sorry...
I just wasn't thinking.
When I first saw your
dual-wielding skill back there,
I thought your strength was
on a whole other level.
But the Commander has
a unique skill, too...
I've seen it several times.
Divine Blade, a skill that maximizes
both attack and defense power.
The attack is strong, but that
defense is incredible.
No one has ever seen
his HP bar fall into the yellow zone.
It's completely overpowered.
I know.
What are you going to do?
If you lose, not only do I not get my leave,
but you'll have to join the
Knights of the Blood Oath.
Well, I don't plan to lose easily.
Crimson Killing Intent
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What the heck? Semoponume?!

Sena Kashiwazaki
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