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She's crying?
That's unforgivable.
A guy other than me, making a girl cry on such a beautiful moonlit night...
Her tears...
are gonna cost you!
Stand back.
I'm gonna wipe the floor with him!
Nice sword and armor.
Where'd you get them?!
From some kind souls this afternoon.
"A.D.s", I believe they're called.
Who helped you?!
Helped? Whatever do you mean?
Oh, I see.
You find the timing and efficiency to be a little too convenient.
I must admit, things worked out in my favor,
but it's because I sought the necessary information from those I came across.
They resisted at first,
but after I set an example or two, they quickly changed their tune.
You asshole!
What's the matter, my dear predecessor?
Don't tell me you're angry?
How terrible.
We're both human and from this same world.
Yet, what you're trying to protect is both from a different world...
and a member of the Dark Clan, the enemy of humanity.
Are you really willing to fight another human, one from the same world as you, just for some otherworldly "thing"?
"Different world" or not, "human" or not... It's got nothing to do with it.
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