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Aqua-sama, I don't know
how this man won you over,

- Kyouya Mitsurugi


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Ah, I see!
So you're the big-shot hero everyone's been talking about?
I read all about your great exploits in the paper!
Put it there, pal!
Mr. Superstar!
I guess you could call this a handshake.
Not bad.
You've got some good reflexes after all.
But your feet—
Are just as good!
Whoa, whoa! Time out!
I just wanted to shake hands!
I didn't wanna hurt you, I swear!
Uh-huh. Sure.
So, what's it gonna be? You wanna keep "shaking hands" or what?
That's enough for me. I'm not a masochist.
Linked Energy Manipulation, huh?
Y'know, with your reflexes and dexterity...
Could you do it?
What are you on about?
All right! Meet up with me next Monday!
There's someone I wanna introduce you to!
That's fine with me and all, but you never even introduced yourself.
Oh, right!
I'm Kaidou Motoharu, perpetual outcast of High School Class A!
Nice meetin' ya!
Good job. Seems you're finally getting used to this place.
I'm not stupid!
I can handle shopping just fine, y'know?
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