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It might be a bit too racy...
Miu! We've picked out our swimsuits, so we're gonna go now!
We'll wait for you outside!
Huh?! Huh?!
All right, in that case...
Th-This is...
It appears a conclusion has been reached.
The Dark Lord Garius has fallen.
But violent resistance forces still remain within the Dark Clan.
We'll help you in combating the resistance.
Sound good?
Shellfeed has no objections to Aleclasta's proposal.
We'll do whatever you say for the sake of world peace.
Mm. What about you, Lord Baram?
I have no objections to a unified front.
However, I just received some information about the location of the Dark Lord's daughter, who went missing after his death.
Therefore, I say we should send out a pursuit party to find her right away.
H-Hold up!
Most of the Dark Clan has been living quietly deep within the Galepane Forest since Garius died.
Taking such action would only provoke them.
Such laxity!
With the Dark Lord's daughter alive and well, there's no telling if or when the Dark Clan will attack us again.
Well... But...
Queen Listy...
It's true that the Dark Lord's daughter hasn't done anything wrong yet.
However, as Lord Baram says, her very existence poses a future threat.
Surely you can agree with that fact?
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