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S-Say, you two. I'm...
You're going to find your brother, right?
Then it'd be better if all three of us go.
Let's hurry.
How did you know?
You looked so distressed.
It's only natural that we'd realize.
I can't believe you even considered leaving us out of this.
Of course we'd go with you!
But there's an important exam going on!
I can't drag you into this!
You're doing this for someone who's more important than a measly exam, right?
It's the same for us.
Because we're a team?
Because we're friends.
Still, your brother sure is a lucky guy, having so many girls worrying about him...
I'd say it's more like "we can't take our eyes off him" than "we can't leave him alone".
But, yeah, I think I see why other girls are so into him.
Huh? They are?
Oh, you haven't noticed?
He fought the student council on even terms and he stopped that Cockatrice that went berserk.
Just as he is popular with the guys,
there are also lots of girls who find him charming.
He is a bit of a pervert, but he's also impossible to hate.
I guess that's an innate virtue of his.
Could it be that you're so worried about him because you love him too?
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