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What?! Two twisters appear on each side of Matrona!

- Love Helm


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To tell you the truth, I'm actually a lolicon.
My daily routine consists of visiting a local
elementary school and watching the girls during PE.
Their unblemished, flat bodies bring my
Sandalphon to the verge of running wild.
Elementary schoolers are the best.
I see.
That's fine.
What is?!
That's not all.
Actually, I have strong mother complex too.
I kiss her picture before going to school every day.
When I'm at home, I change into baby clothes and act like a child.
Of course, I have a pacifier and a rattle, too!
I see.
To be honest, I have sister complex too.
I always sleep together with Kotori.
When Kotori is not home, I sneak into her room and sniff her blanket.
Holding myself back by not going through her
underwear to preserve my sense of guilt is most important!
I see.
I'm also a horrible cheater.
I have about ten relationships going on right now.
Night after night, I go out to do immoral things,
and it's all noisy and twisty lambada!
Lively rowdiness all the way!
You've heard of lambada, haven't you?
My goal is to conquer every woman in Tenguu City!
I got a reaction!
That won't be a problem if I eradicate all of them.
Just what are you going to do?
How is she so tolerant?
Is she some kind of extreme deviant?
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