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Nope, I have to watch our stuff.

- Ryouhei Uesaki

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That's right.
A lot happened after that, like being
shut up in a romantic locked
room alone together, but...
Wow, you worked real
hard, Nyarko-chan.
Sadly, my relationship with Mahiro-san
did not develop any further.
You can't give up!
To be taken by someone's overwhelming
efficiency is another form of love!
Tamao-san, your words...
have pierced me through the
heart with evil deity brain waves!
Do your best!
And so...
The Great Library of Celaeno!
What do you mean, "And so..."?!
What's with the sudden
change in events?
Nyarko-san W
So, how about you explain
what's going on?
In short, there was a book that
I totally forgot the due date on.
The library called saying it was urgent,
so I came to return it in a hurry. And so!
And just for that...
You dragged us 430 light
years from Earth?
Going by myself would be so lonely!
This library is said to have the
most books in the universe:
The Great Library of Celaeno!
Any and all wisdom can be found here.
From a grimoire so rare that there's
only one in the universe,
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Nope, I have to watch our stuff.

Ryouhei Uesaki
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