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I can't believe it!
There's only four of them!
And yet they beat 1,200 players?
It's over, though.
You're mine.
... No way...
They dodged that too?
Have you heard of this urban myth?
There's a group of unknown players
who beat every game they play.
Their scores are out of this world too.
They never fill in their account names,
so we only know them as "Blank".
It's said that these people
are unbeatable.
You think the Blanks are cheaters?
Yeah. I'm pretty sure
they're a group of cheaters.
There's no other explanation to
the four of them beating 1,200 people.
They must've used aimbots, dodge hacks,
and changed the size of their hitbox.
There's no doubt they're cheating.
We were the ones breaking the rules.
There's no other way I'd be
able to spam those massive spells.
Blank still dodged them, though.
They predicted I'd cheat
to spam those spells.
I bet they're super smart!
...I wonder who they are...
And so the rumors spread even faster.
Urban myths are kind of like a wish.
Because, when it comes down to it, the least
interesting answer is usually the correct one.
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