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You're gonna turn it into ash! You big jerk!

- Happy

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So what was that all about?
What do you mean?
Oh, and by the way,
we're siblings, so this isn't weird.
...Bro rejected me...
I don't care about that.
But if you knew she was cheating,
why didn't you tell me how she was doing it?
I would've won if you'd just told me!
Commandment eight:
"If you're found cheating during a game, you will be disqualified and lose", right?
It's your fault that I lost!
It's all over now! I've lost my
only chance to become Queen!
...So basically...
She's mad that she lost,
and she's taking it out on us.
She fell for it.
I see.
So you fell for a simple trick,
lost everything, and now you're blaming us?
How hilarious.
What did you say?!
And then, when a kid calls you on it,
you get so mad you can't even think.
You're simple-minded, easily-riled,
can't control your emotions,{either remove 'you' from the last two items or add it to easily-riled}
and you're too
conservative to take risks.
To be honest,
you never stood a chance.
It's no wonder you lose all the time
if you're related to that foolish king.
You take that back.
Say what you want about me,
but I won't let you insult my grandfather!
Take it back, right now!
Getting mad only proves my point.
You're so obviously the
granddaughter of that foolish king.
How dare you!
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