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This woman, Clammy Zell, has defeated
every opponent she's faced in the tournament.
Is there no one left to challenge her?
Wait, Sora. Are you serious?
You're going to
crash the coronation?
Our new lives here
have just begun.
We can't get thrown out now.
All right. I'll just seize the throne,
and we'll take back
the land that was ours!
Then, in accordance with the
late king's last will and testament,
I will crown Clammy Zell
as our new ruler.
If any object, speak now
...or forever hold your—
Objection! I object!
A-Are you saying
you wish to challenge her?
You couldn't beat me, so now
you're sending your servant instead?
This is a coronation, Stephanie Dola,
not a children's playground.
And a coronation is no place
for con artists, wouldn't you say?
Especially those who conspire
with foreigners to steal the throne.
You spot any, Shiro?
Just one.
Is anyone else hiding their ears?
I've seen that hunk of metal before.
What are you suggesting?
You don't understand?
Let's say, hypothetically of course,
that someone conspires with the elves,
uses their magic to win, and becomes the new ruler.
This nation would be screwed, right?
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