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We're at the training camp.

- Yuuji Sakamoto

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I am Jibril.
What can I do for you, Sora and Shiro, le nouveau roi et reine of the Imanity?
You know who we are?
Well, that makes it easier, then.
I'll just cut to the chase.
I want this library.
You want meine Bibliothek ?
What a sudden demande .
Steph, the Flugel were
god-killing warriors, right?
Th-They're supposed to be!
I must look like a pigeon that took
a balle to the face—I mean, la faccia.
She corrected herself.
The way you're talking reminds me of someone famous,
so if you're doing it on purpose, then please, stop.
Qué ?
I had thought it an avant-garde and unique way
of speaking, but someone else beat me to it?
No need to get upset over it.
Let's get back to the point.
So, you want my library.
Are you challenging me
to a game, human?
Yes, I am.
I see.
Before the ten commandments were introduced,
we Flugel collected severed heads.
Now that murder is forbidden, though,
we value knowledge above all else.
It's not exaggerating to say that books,
which contain that knowledge,
and the place where they are held,
are as valuable as one's life.
You want me to wager my life,
so what are you offering in exchange?
More than forty thousand
books from another world.
That's disgusting.
It's okay, Shiro.
In our business, that's a prize!{maybe "Lots of people like us would kill for this chance!" or something}
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