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Well, it couldn't be helped.

- Chiaki Minami


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What's the point of having a building this big?
It's hilarious how hard they're trying to compensate
for their own weakness by building something so huge.
So could you tell me why you suddenly dragged me here?
H-Hey! The embassy is foreign soil!
I know. I also know that
it was originally our castle.
You're invading their territory!
Don't worry. I made an appointment.
Isn't that right?
Welcome, rulers of Elkia, Sora and Shiro.
I am Hatsuse Ino, assistant ambassador
for the Eastern Federation's Elkia Embassy.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
...Wait, when did—
This morning.
He was looking at me
when I was in the library,
so I gestured to say I was coming over.
The Werebeasts' senses
really are as good as they say.
I was surprised at
how great their vision is.
...No, I mean...
You've come to see the ambassador,
Hatsuse Izuna, correct?
The Werebeasts can read minds!
The rumors are true!
I'm glad we're on the same page.
Could you take me there?
Very well. Follow me.
I can understand
how a Werebeast could,
but how the heck did
...Sora see him from...
...the game's already...
The game's already begun, hasn't it?
Hey, Jibril.
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