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Are lots of other people coming?

- Kirino Kousaka


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The Holy Knights, who wield
the true power of the kingdom,
have begun preparing for the upcoming Holy War.
Holy Knight apprentices are summoned for hideous experiments by none other
than the Great Holy Knight, Hendriksen!
The New Generation of Holy Knights obtained immeasurable power
by drinking the blood of a demon.
Meliodas and the others enter the
Byzel Fight Festival in order to reclaim
Diane's Sacred Treasure, Gideon.
Either jokingly or seriously,
men will put their pride at
stake in the battles to come!
For the time being, let's just gather anything that looks edible.
We'll figure out what we can use later.
Got it!
So pretty!
What's wrong?
Hey, look, an ingredient! Gotcha!
This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Long ago, the Holy Knights fought alongside three tribes to seal away the Demon Clan.
It was known as the Holy War, and memory of it has long left the minds of the people.
However, a new Holy War has begun.
The battle to banish the Seven Deadly Sins unto oblivion.
The Byzel Fight Festival qualifiers will soon begin!
I, Love♡Helm, will be the referee!
The rules for the qualifiers are simple!
Knock your opponents out of this ring!
Throwing! Pushing!
Sending them flying with your fists!
Anything goes as long as you use your bare hands!
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