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In order to retrieve Diane's Sacred Treasure, the group enters the Byzel Fight Festival.
The festival begins to heat up as
everyone focuses on their own goals.
Capt—no, wait, Meliodaz! Good luck!
B-Baan! If you lose and get humiliated, I'll tell Elaine!
Oh, that's right!
You should cheer too, Elizabeth!
It's all right! No one will notice you.
Well then, let the fight begin!
It would've been nice if the ring were a bit bigger.
What's wrong all of a sudden?
Are you that excited to fight me?
I was just reminded of something...
It was about this size back then as well.
Back then? Tell me already!
Don't worry, you'll get it right away!
Ah, now I remember!
This place sure is high-security.
Of course it is!
This is the man sentenced to die
for the great sin of burning down the Fairy King's Forest four years ago!
But he's still alive after being executed 33 times, isn't he?
We've tried beheading and burning, but nothing's worked...
H-He's not human!
I see. What a coincidence.
Open it up.
Time for another execution?
What a pain. I'm not moving an inch.
If you're gonna do it, just do it here.{TLC: literally 'If you have some business with me, just do it here.'}
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