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The wife's name is Nyarko.

- Nyarlathotep


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Under the Great Holy Knight Hendricksen's
command, Elizabeth has been captured.
In order to save her, Meliodas and
the others have infiltrated Lioness.
What is the King of Camelot,
Arthur Pendragon's objective?
And now, in Diane's time of need,
two Holy Knights stand up for her.
Holy Knights of the kingdom
intend to protect the criminal...
...and point their swords at me?
She ignored her own safety to save
someone you're sacrificing for your
own greater good without any hesitation!
How can you just let others die?
Hey Guila, stop screwing
around and come back here!
Guila, I thought you wanted to know the
truth behind your father's disappearance?
Yes, but I think I already know the answer.
If she had not protected him, my brother...
...would have died by your hands!
Ah, I see...
Like father like daughter, eh.
Our duty as the Holy Knights is to convict evil and guide the people.
Nothing more...
Return here at once!
And I'll act like this never happened.
You fools!
This is a tale of humans and
beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
The usage of Holy Knights is no longer
limited to only the Lioness Kingdom,
and has spread throughout Britannia.
Magic is power, and that very power
will decide the fate of the entire kingdom.
Amongst the many knights, there's one
group that is infamous all over Britannia.
Those people are known as...
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