I won't forgive until you buy me
a meal on the other side!

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Get away from her!
I'm going to rescue Elizabeth right away!
Gwah... I'm gonna die!
You say something?
I can't hear you.
Our only goal is to rescue Elizabeth!
Keep the fighting to a minimum!
You're the one who brought me here?
Super Pork Illusion!
Alright, let's go!
That's just too bad, Gowther.
Looks like I'm the one that has returned.
Sorry, Gilthunder.
"Now the battle should be easier..."
Is that what you're thinking?
{\c&H0E0E0E&\2c&HFFFFFF&\3c&HFFFFFF&\4c&HFFFFFF&\bord1.6\blur2)\fscx193\fscy204\pos(919,506)}Call of Inferno
Now that it's not a crowded battle
also means that I can do as I wish...
I won't...let anyone die...!
The promise I made you seven hundred years ago...
...let's fulfill it now.
Back then, the peaceful days
King spent with Diane,
are also days that he had lost the
memory of his best friend, Helbram.
Helbram left the Fairy's Forest after he was tricked by the humans.
To avenge his sacrificed friends,
he continued murdering humans.
To end the suffering of his
best friend, he ended his life.
At the same time, Meliodas confronts
the Great Holy Knight, Hendricksen.
Well, well, well...
Well, well, well...
Well, well, well...
I'll be taking Elizabeth back now.
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