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I'll take you all on at once! Come at me!

- Gabriel White Tenma

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Lord Zaratras...
This is brutal!
Why would anyone do this to the Great Holy Knight?
Lord Gilthunder!
No, this isn't something you should see!
Who did this to Father?!
Looks like they've already left town and headed southwest.
That's toward the Forest of White Dreams.
But over there is—
Lord Gilthunder!
Having found one of the legendary traitors, Meliodas, the Dragon's Sin of Wrath,
Elizabeth continued her search for the others,
bringing her to the village of Bernia, renowned for its ale.
Meliodas saved the village by
pulling out the Holy Knight's sword that had sealed the village's underground water source.
Their journey to find more members of the Seven Deadly Sins continues from there.
So you were alive after all, Meliodas.
This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
The Holy Knights who protected this country
wielded immensely powerful magic.
They were both feared and revered.
a faction arose who betrayed their country and turned their blades against the remaining Knights.
To the masses, they were known as the "Seven Deadly Sins."
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I'll take you all on at once! Come at me!

Gabriel White Tenma
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