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Why are you in a different outfit?

- Tamotsu Denkigai

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Senpai, are you awake?
Good morning, Sakura.
Right, same to you, Senpai.
Sorry, Sakura... I should be helping
with the morning chores.
Don't worry about that, Senpai.
You were up late again last night, weren't you?
Dummy, that's no excuse.
Senpai, let me handle the morning chores.
If you leave the storehouse this messy,
Fujimura-sensei will scold you.
Good point...
I guess I'll have you do that, then.
Sure. I'll be waiting for you, Senpai.
Falling asleep before I finish proves
I'm lacking in concentration.
#01 Winter Days, A Fateful Night
I feel terrible, making you do all this, Sakura.
It's no trouble at all.
I do it because I enjoy it.
Morning, Fuji-nee.
Yep, morning!
Let's eat!
Let's eat.
Th-This is Worcestershire sauce!
Worcestershire sauce on grated yams...
And it's oyster flavor, no less!
Ha! I swapped the labels on the Worcestershire
sauce and soy sauce bottles earlier!
Who pulls a stunt like that,
first thing in the morning?
You'll be twenty-five this year.
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Why are you in a different outfit?

Tamotsu Denkigai
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