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What on earth!
Look at that!
It's closing in!
Who's available?
We have word that Lightning Max
and Smile Man are on their way.
Get me that threat level assessment!
As you can see, loud explosions
are going off behind me!
The damage left by the monster
is at an unprecedented scale.

The Heroes Association is currently
analyzing the threat level--

Guess I'll go.
Daddy! Mommy!
And who do we have here?
Just a guy who's a hero for fun.
What kind...
of half-assed backstory is that?
I was formed from
the constant stream of pollution
with which you humans
have suffused the earth.
I am Vaccine Man!
The Earth is a single living organism.
You humans are nothing but
a disease-causing bacteria
eating away at her lifeforce.
In order to obliterate humans
and their evil civilization,
the Earth has given birth to me!
You say you do this for fun?
For fun?
How dare you confront me,
Mother Earth's apostle,
for that inane reason?!
Yet, what more could be
expected from a hu--
Not again...
All it took was one punch!
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