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- Laius Perseus

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Long ago, there existed
a brilliant young scientist.
By dint of his astonishing genius,
he was able to make a number of
contributions to human knowledge.
Eventually, however, he became
disillusioned with the world.
Though constantly showered with praise
for the subtlety of his mind,
none of his ideas or theories
ever received
even the slightest support
from the scientific community.
"We should not be striving to advance
human civilization,
but rather the artificial evolution of
humans as a species."
That was the only dream
he had ever had,
but not a single person came forward
to help him fulfill that dream.
Damn these apes!
"Dangerous ideas?"
Writing about me as if I were some freak?
Do they really think humans have come
this far by avoiding risks?
Idiots who think
they no longer need to evolve
have no right to pass on their genes!
Of course, this plan was always
for my own sake.
I will carry it out...
even if I must do it all myself!
Thereafter, he devoted himself to research.
It was only after he turned 70
that his efforts began to yield results.
First, the scientist regained his youth.
Next, he began cloning himself.
He named his laboratory
the "House of Evolution,"
and together with his clones
he conducted countless experiments
with animals to create new species.
Eventually, his experiments shifted to
human subjects--
This is taking too long!
What's this got to do with me?
You're just trying to act cool again.
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Laius Perseus
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