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At the time, I felt like I'd become the
same height as the boy in front of me.

- Diane


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Why are we forced to work?!
Why must we pay money
in order to eat?!
Can't we all just share?
The rich get fat
while the poor die!
Where is the true freedom
in this world?!
We are all slaves to our work!
And is work fun?
No! How could it be?!
We do not want to work, period!
That's why I, Hammerhead,
will change our society
into one where only those
who want to work will work,
while the rest are supported!
We will create a utopia!
The Paradisers led by me, Hammerhead,
will make all this a reality!
Boss, no one's listening.
Bah! These civilians are idiots!
Let's go!
Zeniru's the richest man in town.
We'll wreck his posh penthouse
and show them we're serious!
High-rise apartments
are symbols of inequality!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
This whole building is Zeniru's home.
There's no way he made
so much money legally.
Unforgivable! Bring it down!
Yes, sir!
Target destroyed!
Hm, these experimental battle suits
sure pack a wallop.
It was definitely worth risking
our lives to steal them.
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