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The seventh floor?!
You almost got yourself killed on
the fifth floor not that long ago!
What are you going to do on the seventh?!
How stupid can you be?
B-But I've grown up a lot since then...
And a bunch of my status levels
have gone up to E, Eina-san!
What? E? No way...
No way.
Strength and vitality are E.
Agility... D rank?!
Just as you said,
your status has gone way up in a short time.
There are parts of that I can't read,
but your ability is real.
So I'm safe to go to the
seventh floor, right?
Yeah, with those status scores,
I have to grant you access
to the seventh floor.
But that means the problem is...
Bell-kun, are you free tomorrow?
Is It Wrong to Try to
Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
The Weak
Hey, Bell-kun!
Ah, Eina-san!
Good morning!
You're really early, aren't you?
Were you looking forward
to shopping with me that much?
No, I...
Well, I was actually
looking forward to it, too.
Your armor...
Hey, Bell-kun. Don't you have
anything to say about my outfit?
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