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Japan could not stand for even
one month before it was defeated.

- C.C.

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There we go...
I normally shut myself in at home,
but unusually for me,
today I made up my mind to go out.
All to get my hands on
the first-run limited edition
of a popular online game
that goes on sale today.
A five-hour round trip!
I'm glad I was able to buy it.
In-store exclusives, official or not,
really are playing dirty.
This sunlight is my worst enemy
after three straight all-nighters.
Time to get home and play the hell out of this.
A girl from my high school?
Look out! That truck's going to—
Why would I choose now, of all times,
to do something so out of character?
Satou Kazuma-san.
Welcome to the afterlife.
Unfortunately, you passed away moments ago.
Your life was a short one,
but you are, in fact, dead.
Just one question...
What about the girl I
pushed out of harm's way?
She's alive.
Thank goodness.
That means my death wasn't in vain.
Actually, she wouldn't have gotten hurt,
even if you hadn't pushed her out of the way.
That tractor was going to stop before it hit her.
Huh? Wait a second.
What is it?
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