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So you joined the war again in order to go to Zhao, huh?

- Xin

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This isn't how I imagined
life in a parallel world would be.
Income is unstable for a beginner adventurer,
so sleeping in a stable is normal...
Now that I think about it, adventurers are
basically insignificant,
job-hopping part-timers.
Job-hoppers can't even
afford to stay in hotels in
a place as affluent as Japan.
Minimum wage?
Fair labor standards?
What are those? Are they tasty?
Good morning.
Don't "good morning" me.
It's almost noon.
Weren't we going on a kill quest?
Once I realized we didn't have to go to our
construction job, I couldn't help myself.
What happened to her saying
I could "count on" her yesterday?
So, wasn't this world supposed to be under
attack by the Devil King, and in a huge crisis?
This is as peaceful as it gets!
There's no sign of evil influence anywhere.
This is the furthest city
from the Devil King's castle.
Besides, he wouldn't go out of
his way to attack a city with
nothing but novice adventurers in it.
I guess...
Now, let's go on that kill quest!
You can count on me!
Something tells me you said
something similar yesterday.
But it is true that you're a goddess.
I'm counting on you.
All right, let's put together the most
basic equipment we can and head out.
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So you joined the war again in order to go to Zhao, huh?

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