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- Murasaki

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My name is Darkness.
My calling is that of a crusader.
Would you please...
Would you please let me join your p-p-party?
Those two slimy ladies earlier
were allies of yours, right?
What in the world did that to them?
Oh, uh...
They were swallowed by
Giant Toads, and the mucus—
It's worse than I imagined...
What's with this woman knight?
No, wait!
As a knight, I cannot overlook
such horrors befalling two girls
of such a tender age!
Her eyes are scaring me...
She's setting off my danger radar.
It's telling me something's up with her,
just like Aqua and Megumin.
No, I'd advise against it.
It's hard to say how useful
one of our members is,
another can only use her magic once per day,
and I'm the lowest job class.
Our party's total trash,
so I'd recommend you look elsewhe— Ow, ow, ow!
That's even better!
The truth is, this was a bit
difficult for me to say,
but while I have confidence in my
strength and stamina, I am clumsy...
So, um...
None of my attacks ever hit their mark.
Looks like my sensor was spot-on.
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