Akatsuki Ousawa


How does dying help?!

Akatsuki Ousawa
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

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Darkness! That's not fair!
All right, then... Very well, very well.
Go ahead and do as you please.
Hey, Kazuma.
Relinquish that spot to me,
the exalted Aqua-sama.
I'm level 21,
the highest level in the party.
You're being awfully impertinent
for an under-leveled lowbie.
If you get that, then give the spot
nearest the fireplace to your superior.
I don't think your stats have risen
at all since I first saw them.
Kazuma, you fool.
My stats were obviously maxed
out from the very start!
You're mistaken to lump me together
with ordinary adventurers.
Looks like my only choice now is
to whip out my deadly teleport.
H-Hey, Megumin! That's not fair.
Those are the rules.
Destroyer, explosion!
Oh, what's this?
You're being very obedient.
That explains why
her intelligence doesn't improve,
no matter how much she levels up.
Hey, wait.
Why are you crying?
What's with that look in your eyes,
like you're staring at someone pitiful?
Hey, Kazuma!
We acquired a mansion.
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