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That was dangerous, you stupid fool.

- Oda Nobunaga


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I have used up everything in me...
Next, it's your turn.
The Nomus we captured are
the same as those from before...
They do not have human reactions,
and we are not likely to acquire
new information from them.
The warehouse where they
were kept has been blown away,
so all we can do is continue
our investigation on their manufacture.
We haven't gotten more personal information
about them from the bar either, right?
We are currently investigating.
Even if we were able to capture most of them,
we let all the perpetrators,
including Shigaraki, escape.
Even if we were to grade ourselves really easy,
we only got away with a draw due to injury.
We traded in the Symbol of Peace.
All Might's weakened body
has been exposed to the world,
and there is no longer a Symbol of Peace
that will never be defeated.
Not for the citizens, or for the villains.
That's what happens
when we rely on one person.
Everyone realized that you can get
this far just by gathering a bunch of idiots.
That scares me.
From our initial profiling,
the principal offender, Tomura Shigaraki,
was even said to throw childish tantrums.
The more plans he comes up with,
the more circuitous they become.
They've become ways for him
to see how he can affect society.
His thought process has matured.
And now, All Might has been taken down,
and there are less checks
on people's actions than before.
Each time the League fails,
they become stronger.
And he's left with the means
to expand their sphere of influence.
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