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Stop ignoring me!

- Tornado of Terror

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It's getting lonelier and lonelier.
This is bad... Very bad...
Does she really live in a place like this?
The lesser spirits said they saw someone who
looked like Felt coming in this direction...
Subaru? What's wrong?
Hey, bro!
Does a girl named Felt live up this way?
Ah, I see. This is where they suck you in.
Huh? Felt?
No... Run! Hurry!
Nothing that way but
Old Man Rom's loot house.
Did Felt steal something from you guys?
Well, go try and negotiate to get it back.
Live strong.
Miso Natto
Why do I have to pay money to get
back something stolen from me?
Nah, not natto.
Wait there...
Well, at any rate, leave this one to me.
That'll be 363 yen.
I'll negotiate with him.
Oh, a grooved-edge ten.
Okay. I'll leave it to you.
You agreed to that awfully easily...
The way you've been acting,
I thought you'd say,
"Leave this to a useless boy like you?
That's so ridiculous,
I'm laughing my head off!"
And I'd be hurt, but still make up
my mind to help you all over again.
going to...
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Stop ignoring me!

Tornado of Terror
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