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Okay, finally...
All right, line up!
Time for your stamps!
Okay, who's first?
The kitty's so cute!
The kitty's awesome!
The kitty's so sad!
The villagers seem to be full of life again.
Thanks to you, Subaru.
Well, I did put my life
on the line to save them...
I went into the forest and
got bitten by dogs to save the kids,
got bitten by dogs when I tried to save
Rem after she turned into a demon,
then had to be saved by Roswaal when I was about to be bitten by a giant dog...
Did I even do anything at all?
Oh, come on! Don't fuss
over the small details!
There are those who know the truth.
That includes Roswaal and Ram.
And especially Rem.
And of course,
I do, too.
A dragon-drawn carriage?
Welcome home.
Please forgive me for parking
in front of your mansion.
An emissary is visiting from the capital.
Roswaal-sama is attending to them now.
Emilia-sama, please join him.
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