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That's a little different than what I had imagined.

- Elizabeth Lyonesse

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If Crusch-sama's goal should be attained,
I'm sure it would suit your
desires, Wilhelm-dono.
I expect the best.
My, how unusual it is to see you!
My apologies.
I am the treasurer of the
capital's merchant guild.
My name is Russell Fellow.
It's a pleasure to meet you,
Natsuki Subaru-dono.
Wilhelm-san, who was that?
Russell Fellow.
Despite what he said,
he is shrewd, dealing in all of the capital's
inner and outer financial matters.
Now, I was just about to head back inside...
Do you have something to say?
People calling themselves
the Witch's Cult plan to attack
Roswaal's domain in three days.
I want to ask for your help in stopping them.
I see.
So they have made their move.
It seems so.
Of course, from the moment that Emilia-sama,
a half-elf, entered the scene,
we foresaw something like this happening.
I understand the situation.
My next question is how you
chose me to assist you.
Because, to be honest, you seem
the most likely to help right now.
You've helped Rem and me—
Don't misunderstand.
I helped you two because I
was contracted to do so.
If you wish to negotiate, you need
to show me what I stand to gain.
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