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No, that's not it.

- Toshinori Yagi (true form)

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Okay, I'll say it again.
An alliance between the Emilia and
Crusch camps, on equal terms.
For this purpose, I'll provide
the time and location of
the White Whale's next appearance.
That's the one card I can play.
The Witch's Cult?
Yeah, they're on the move and after Emilia.
Roswaal-sama feared that
might happen, as well.
I want to stop them,
but I don't have the fighting strength.
I have to start negotiating
now to pull some together.
Will you help me?
The White Whale?
Please forgive my indiscretion.
I suppose I still have much to learn.
And? It is rather sudden that you
would bring up the White Whale.
Not at all.
When we began this negotiation,
I mentioned the magic stones found in
Roswaal's domain, in Elior Forest.
If sharing the mining rights is insufficient,
I need to offer something additional.
Crusch-san, I'm certain that my
information will aid
in your plan to subjugate the White Whale.
Let me ask one thing, Natsuki Subaru.
What gave you that idea?
That remark was not one you might
pass off as a baseless accusation.
For these past few days,
some things have bothered me.
First, the increase in traffic
to and from your mansion.
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No, that's not it.

Toshinori Yagi (true form)
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