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Run! We've just gotta run though here...

- Bi Hei

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What the hell's going on?
Is this the Witch Cult's doing?
Hey! Anyone?
Is anyone there?
Answer me!
Wh-What is that intense smell?
A flower like this couldn't actually exist.
And Patrasche wouldn't just let me die...
Which means... This is an illusion.
It's all make-believe!
A lesser spirit? Did you come to help me?
It was you?
That spiteful tone means it's definitely you.
I cannot imagine my subconscious
creating such a realistic imitation of you.
This is a bewitching spell.
Only you and I have returned to normal.
How did you make it back?
I burned a flower in my illusion.
I see.
Someone put a suggestion
on the flower's scent.
Hey, is that...
The glow of my little buds.
I will teach everyone how to break
out of the bewitching spell.
In... Nes.
Hi-ho! Hi-ho! No one's here! Where am I?!
I've strayed away... No,
we've been pulled apart!
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