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Everyone's hearts...

- Yui

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I have a slight concern.
I would like to take a small number
from our forces to eliminate it.
You won't have any need of me?
Emilia-sama, head to safety in the carriage.
Do not release the children's hands.
You truly are master and servant.
Your eyes look just like his.
Wilhelm-san, I—
This cannot be...
You cannot use such means, such tricks,
to make light of me and of my devotion!
This is some crappy game where,
once as you're caught, it's over.
We must be crazy to entrust our lives to it,
you and me both!
My body is slowly getting used to this.
Shall we speed up?
Yeah! Don't worry, I'll keep up!
Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible.
Why? How can it be?
I thought I was loved! I am loved!
By the witch, the witch, the witch, the witch.
The witch!
It's time that I killed you for real!
Al Clauseria!
I will not let you do that.
Ul Dona!
Burn, fighting spirit! Howl, magic ball!
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Everyone's hearts...

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