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Well? Where was it?

- Yuki Sohma

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I'm glad you're here.
This time, you won't get away.
Why is she here? It's still light out.
Wait, if she hadn't been with me,
would she have arrived this early?
You never quit, do you?
I'm telling you, just give up already!
Sorry, but this is something I cannot give up on.
If you do as I say, I won't hurt you.
I have only one demand. Return my insignia.
It's very important to me.
If she were just another magic
user, I wouldn't back down,
but this one's trouble...
What's with you, Old Man Rom?
Admitting defeat before we even fight?!
Young lady, you're an elf, ain't ya?
Not exactly.
I'm only a half-elf.
A half-elf?
And with silver hair... Wait, are you...
It's an accidental resemblance!
Really, it's bothersome to me.
You set me up, didn't you?
Huh? No, I didn't do anything...
After you said you'd return it to its owner,
I thought you were suspicious!
What do you mean? You two aren't working together?
Her nature never changes, no matter how
many times I start over in this world.
Hey! What are you laughing about?!
Come on, isn't that enough? Return her insignia.
And, Sat— you, hurry and get out of here.
Try not to let anyone steal it again.
Why are you suddenly being so nice?
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Well? Where was it?

Yuki Sohma
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