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so show me your blood!

- Muscular

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Why have I gone back?
Sir, sir, you don't seem to be feeling well.
Are you all right?
Sir, sir, you seem to have a stomachache.
You didn't soil yourself, did you?
You don't... remember me?
So it's like none of it ever happened?
Sir, you shouldn't try to move so suddenly.
What happened, damn it?!
Everything reset again!
Including my promise with Emilia!
You entered without even knocking?
What a rude one you are!
Just let me stay here for a bit, please.
There was last time and again now.
How are you breaking
through my Door Crossing?
Addressing me with no title, I suppose?
You said I broke through your Door Crossing
"last time" and "now," right?
I just teased you about it, three or four
hours ago, for being so insensitive.
If this is the second time I've
woken up in the mansion...
Then you remember me, right?
If I could, I'd rather erase you
from my memory, I suppose.
So the conditions are
different from last time...
The save point's changed from
near the guy with the appas
to the two angelic girls in maid uniforms.
How did I die?
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so show me your blood!

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