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So, you are the Black King and his subjects.
You said you would destroy the humans.
You boasted so boldly.
You tamed the winged dragons that we ruled,
and treated them like your own pets...
You are underestimating us.
I am the Black King.
If you intend to join my alliance,
you may take your place in line.
How dare you speak in such an arrogant
manner to this Bronze Dragon?!
Who the hell you think you are?!
I don't care who you are.
It matters not to me whoever
or whatever you are.
To me, you are no different
from a single starving Goblin child.
Look over here, you ragged fool!
We shall tear you into
rags to match your robe.
Will you follow us, or
will you die with them?
You may no longer stand on the fence, Bronze.
Respond to me, Bronze!
Cease! Stop! Stop it!
All right, the alliance...
I will join your alliance.
I welcome you, Bronze.
You have now become one who is scorned
rather than one who is feared.
Hence, you have the right
to join my alliance.
Such dreadful power.
That is high praise coming from
a quiet man like you, Hijikata.
The power of our Black Lord
is the replication of life.
His healing power is one derivation of it.
However, uncontrolled reproduction could
result in cancerous growth, leading to death.
--B-Black Lord!
--Black Lord!
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sour look on your face, doesn't it?

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