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"Act 11
The Adventure of the Pistol Daimyo
~Bullet Counting Song~"
Stop! Stop!
What is going on?!
Who do these carriages belong to?!
They belong to the powerful
Count Saint-Germi.
Can you not tell from the banner?
Whom do you think you are telling to stop?!
What is your name?
You dare stop lord Saint-Germi's carriage.
You'll certainly be sent
to the front lines tomorrow.
Tell me your name.
P-Please continue on.
That's right. Lord Saint-Germi can no longer
sit back and watch this war unfold;
therefore, her highness will join the war.
Many more carriages will be following us.
She will save Orte.
Ah... It's about time...
Open the gate. Hurry!
"Join the war"... Not a
single thing was false.
However, we won't be on their side.
So, this is the capital of Orte, Verlina.
We'll have to make this place our capital.
It's pathetic to see a country like this
fall from grace so miserably.
It should just be burned away quickly.
It's true. It would be a pity
not to put an end to its suffering.
"Coup d'etat"?
What is "coup d'etat"?
Is it some sort of food
for southern barbarians?
It's a coup.
The reins of power are seized
through an assault on the state's capital.
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