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Victory for the power that protects?

- Saber


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Hamu, how's it going?
Yes, sir. This is Hamu. As ordered,
I brought those two here.
Those Drifters appear to be two old men,
but they are in the midst of a heated fight.
Thief! Thief! Why the hell
is this two-bit thief here?!
Who're you calling "two-bit thief"?!
You are the one who should be called that!
Justice lies with the victor.
Shut up! You stole it from me, idiot!
You copied my strategy from Cannae
and used it in Zama, moron!
What are you talking about, you old fool?!
Why don't you show me you can win, then?!
Grrr, why are you talking
like a chosen one, you idiot?!
I didn't steal it, since I won
the war fair and square!
That's why I hate the Romans!
When I go back, I will salt all of Carthage!
When I go back, I will cross
the Alps one more time!
What would you like me to do, Grand Master?
Stop them.
Yes, sir.
The issue is that their intentions...
"The Octobrists"
...are unclear.
We must find out what they are somehow...
...this world will be destroyed.
"Act 2
You two, I've told you so many times!
You guys went to that deserted
castle again, didn't you?
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