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Someone... Anyone...

- Subaru Natsuki

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So what if you brought them over?
So what if you have Drifters?
No matter how many of those
idiots you transport here...
"Black King Occupies Northern Fortress"
...they won't stand a chance against my Ends.
"Black King Occupies Northern Fortress"
Don't you know I'll be the victor?
Don't waste your time fighting.
Why don't you just meekly admit your defeat?!
"Act 4
Active Heart"
Those who, like yourselves,
are transported from other worlds...
...are called "Drifters."
And, those who, like Drifters,
are brought to this world,
but are inhuman and evil...
...are called the "Ends."
Our goals as the Octobrists
are to evaluate, monitor,
and unite those Drifters
to stand against the Ends.
Errr... can you untie me?
No way. I have no clue
what you're talking about.
Olminu from the Octobrist Organization,
you totally misjudged me.
I am the powerful Demon King
of the Sixth Heaven. Good... Evil...
Who dares judge what I am?!
I should be the absolute evil!
"Mutter mutter mutter"
Are you still doing that?
Aren't you embarrassed?
Not at all.
I see. As might be expected from a
former hipster, you're thick-skinned.
Then, which one are we supposed to be?
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