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I-If I felt like it, I could massacre
every inhabitant of this city!

- Verdia

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That was close. I almost got killed.
You're slacking off.
You've really lost your touch...
Unacceptable, Yoichi.
Th-That voice...
Lord... Yoshitsune.
What were you thinking, engaging in
single combat? That's not your style.
You fool!
What, did you really think you
had become a true Genpei warrior?
Remember what you did during the battle?
What a joke!
You were also brought into
this world! Where are you?!
I... I won't...
I will not follow your orders anymore!
Do as you please, Yoichi. I'll see you.
It'll be more... interesting next time.
"Act 8
Mystery CALL ME"
Who are you? I mean... who are all of you?
I am a man who hates the "Ends."
I am Olminu's master and the leader of
the magician organization, the Octobrists.
I am the man tasked
with supporting the Drifters
and wiping out the Ends who
should not exist in this world.
So, you are one of those Drifters?
Your name?
Abe no Haruakira.
Abe no Haruakira?
Do you mean Abe no Seimei?!
I heard that I've been called "Seimei" according
to the customary way of naming notables.
I am not worthy of the name.
Good. It looks like you
settled things over here, too.
Ah, I see more unfamiliar faces.
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I-If I felt like it, I could massacre
every inhabitant of this city!

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