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I'm home.

- Haruka Minami

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The Shiva Lens has detected an abnormality!
- Coordinates confirmed!
- Abnormal value rising!
- Laplace is getting a read on the situation.
- Hurry!
The light...
Chaldeas was created from
a reproduction of Earth's soul.
If the light of that civilization is extinguished...
Gather humans who are
Master potentials right now!
We'll move from
Rayshift experiments to actual use!
Unless we regain the light of Chaldeas,
humanity has no future.
Who are you?
Let's see...
Not someone whose name
is worth mentioning... or something...
I mean, I have a name.
But I don't often have the chance to say it,
which means I don't get to
make an impressive self-introduction.
Huh? Where am I?
That's an easy one.
This is an observatory, built to make
the future of the human race
as long and strong as possible.
This is the Chaldea Security Organization.
Are you calm now?
When I got here, I remember
undergoing some kind of simulation...
The Spiritron Dive, right?
If you're not used to it,
it might put a lot of stress on the brain.
My head is still pounding.
Fou is the one who found you here on the floor,
unable to regain your consciousness.
Those are the details.
A-Are you okay?
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