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Hey! Pay attention!
Huh? No, I am listening, really.
Those freaks that you fought,
they are the Bugged Ones...
The bloodthirsty monsters who
disturb the peace in Akiba.
The rumors were true...
The ones we fought were cosplayers
who became violent by becoming Bugged Ones.
Most of the Bugged Ones are low-class types,
taken over by demons called Kurobugs.
But there are those called the Hazoku, who can
create stronger, high-class Bugged Ones...
Are you listening?!
Oh! Yeah, um... I'm hungry, and...
Can I go and grab a katsu sandwich?
I said!
I know, I'm listening!
Something about the Hazoku?
The Hazoku are non-humans who have
the power to create Bugged Ones...
And I am one of them.
Some Hazoku seek to coexist with humans.
I am one of them,
and I fight to protect this land.
Recently, they have become active
for some reason.
I have to keep fighting...
My clan has been defending Akihabara
for over 300 years now.
Now that you have the power,
you can no longer leave Akiba.
So you must join me and--
See ya.
Hey?! Aren't you listening?!
I don't want to do that!
That sounds so bothersome!
Can't you ask the police
or the vigilantes or something?
I don't need to take part!
--Wait for me, katsu sandwich!
--Wait for me, katsu sandwich!
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