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This isn't Inabayama Castle.

- Saitou Kichou

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"Amazing Singer Idols--
Great Assembly"
Niwaka, what are you watching?
It's Io Shiota's concert.
Shiota... Io?
Moi ! Tamotsu, you must not know?!
She is an Akiba idol, who used to
be the center singer for GNZ34.
She is gaining popularity
through her cute looks,
and her contrasting cold attitude
at hand-shaking events!
Idols, huh...
No, it can't be...
"TRIP 3 - What Happens When You Mindlessly
Follow Someone Who Offers You an Idol Debut"
"I love Shiota"
I'm home.
Moi ! It's Upgraded Tamotsu,
Concert Full Armor Combat Mode!
Where have you been, Tamotsu?
Huh? Io-chan 's concert, of course.
We promised to go on patrol
together today, remember?
Did we? Sorry.
Oh, well. It's a bit late,
but we can still go on patrol...
Ah, no, no. I have to watch
Io-chan 's concert review broadcast.
Can't you watch a recording later?!
What are you talking about?
You have to watch live,
and make comments. That's the whole point.
Boy, that concert today was great.
The classic "5 Seconds Till You
Get Pulled Off" was great as usual,
but that new song
"Keep Your Slimy Hands Off..."
She must not have been able
to practice that one enough,
because she couldn't hit
the high notes, and that was really...
Why is she so mad?
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