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First we need Commander-in-Chief Changpingjun here.

- Lu Buwei

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Gab, for lunch today...
What's the matter?
So we've been in the human world
for a while, right?
I never felt like this
before coming here, but...
Do there have to be this many humans?
They're freaking everywhere .
Yeah, I still can't believe you're an angel.
Episode 2 The Angel, the Demon, and the Class President
Want to eat in that "cafeteria" place today?
What? But that place is
crawling with humans!
You want to go into a crowd?
Are you a masochist?
Don't you want to check out
the cafeteria at least once?
I mean, I guess I can go.
But it costs money, right?
Well, yeah.
How much will you give me?
Why are you assuming I'll pay for you?
I was thinking about inviting Satania, too.
Where does Satania usually eat, anyway?
Now that you mention it,
she always disappears at lunchtime.
She was acting kinda suspicious.
Should we follow her and see?
Where's she going?
Beats me.
But all these rooms are empty.
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