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How naive, Kodaka.

- Yozora Mikazuki

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Come on, Nat!
Why are you following me?!
Shut up!
I'm responsible for the area just above yours, Riko!
Oh, that's right...
Well, at least help me carry the Relics
on the way home, then.
Well, today my haul needs to receive
the highest valuation out of all the Red Whistles!
Doubt that'll happen.
This area's mostly been searched already...
and there's not much anything rare left.
That's why it's gonna come down to quantity!
You okay with that?
How about fudging the numbers...
with that thing you swiped the other day?
The Star Compass?
I can't do that!
It guides its user toward the truth of the Abyss, after all.
Besides... if it's found out I was hiding it...
I'll get a worse punishment
this time than being strung up naked.
Talk about traumatizing a little girl!
Well, be careful.
Ah, the big gondola.
Nat, look at that! It's the 600-meter group!
I know, okay?
Ah, it already went out of sight...
Lucky them... I wish I could ride it.
Say... isn't it kinda quiet today?
Probably 'cause there aren't any hammerbeaks around...
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